Here are a few testimonials from people who I have worked with:

“Joy Clarke has been my supervisor, mentor and guide for more than 12 months. I was advised to seek supervision for two supervision sessions from her as part of my Clinical Training in Imago Therapy. I have found the supervision invaluable, so much so that I continue to consult with her for supervision on a regular basis. I enjoy the practical and concrete nature of her supervision which eases my anxiety regarding the important work we do as couples therapists. I also find Joy’s intuitive and warm approach most comforting. Her resources of other therapists and trainers in the field provide me with a comprehensive and inclusive guide in handling my couples. When I am in supervision with Joy, I feel that both my personal and my clients’ worlds are in safe hands. Thank you Joy, you bring much joy to my work.” Lindsay Hardman, Counselling Psychologist, Imago Therapist and Individual & Relationship Therapy

“Joy is the first Imago Consultant in South Africa. She is an excellent therapist and Consultant with her personal warmth and care and knowledge of the Imago theory and practice.” Kobus van der Merwe, Imago Relationship Clinical Instructor and Therapist at Imago Relationship Therapy South Africa

“I got to know Joy Clarke while working with her at international Imago conferences and she is a competent, empathic and professional therapist who I can highly recommend.”  Klaus Brehm, Owner at Brehm

“I appreciate Joy’s knowledge of and passion for Imago as well as her attention to tenderness, care, validation and presence in her connection with people.” Mia du Toit, Clinical Psychologist

“I highly endorse Joy’s giftedness as a consultant. I know her work through sharing professionally as colleagues and we are also part of a monthly Consultation for Consultants group. Her wisdom, intuition, and clinical skills are so apparent as she shares her experiences with clients. If I lived and worked in South Africa, I would happily choose her as a consultant to support my own clinical work with couples, as well as individual clients who are hoping and preparing for relationships.” Maryrita Wieners, MA, LPC Ceritfied Imago Relationship therapist, advanced clinican, and consultant

“With Joy I am healing through love.” Anonymous 

“I can’t thank Joy enough for the time and effort she has invested in me. Her kind, gentle and receptive demeanor coupled with her insight and gift for unraveling the intricacies of human relationships has had untold benefits in my life. Thank you  Joy.” Daniel.