Imago Relationship Therapy 

Having had such an interest in relationships since my own childhood, I have explored many theoretical frameworks, writers, faith perspectives and scientific paradigms. Everything is useful! And there is so much good out there. I continue to read new research, and follow the great writers and scientists.

All relationships need care, even the one we have with ourselves. When we are free to express our full being in every direction, we are on our way to living the joyful life.

I realised the value of relationships and community is not new is not new to our country when I was studying African Theology: Descartian philosophy transposed by John Mbiti would read “I belong therefore I exist.”  David Whyte expresses this more recently: “I want to know if you belong or feel abandoned’.

For me, having explored and found value in many relationship theories, I found the authenticity that Imago training brings appealed the most.  I can’t teach or demonstrate what I don’t live and do in my own marriage! So I committed to this learning process in the early days or my practice. My husband was ‘schlepped” along, and I am so grateful!

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