Welcome to my website! I am so glad you have found me. Here you will learn more about me, my experiences and how I will be able to assist you with various healing processes. Joy Clarke Therapy helps with finding the inner best and outer rest, in company or alone, has been invigorating and a continual journey of growth for me.

  • Are you feeling lonely?
  • Missing someone who’s sitting right beside you?
  • Longing for better connection with a child you love or a parent you miss?
  • Are you in the life-changing bewilderment of bereavement?
  • Or caring for a loved one whose life is a thin thread?
  • Would you like to wake feeling at one with the universe and that you are moving towards your goals steadily?
  • That the world is on your side and you are flowing with your own creativity?
  • Would you like to celebrate your well-being and help bring contentment and well-being to others in your life?

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Please contact me with your queries; I’d look forward to hearing from you.