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I am a registered Counsellor, with more than 30 years’ experience of working with people to help them reach their best ways of being, within themselves, and in their relationships with partners.

I have always loved working with people and enjoy finding ways in which I can help them to heal and grow. I describe myself as a ‘people’s person’, fully committed to seeing the best in each one and dedicated to help those with whom I am working to grow into their true selves. I draw on skills and theoretical frameworks which I have gained through ongoing training and experience and thus seek to honour each couple’s and individual’s unique context and needs.

Through my adult life I have grown in self-knowledge and conscious living. It’s not always easy. The rough times though also been seasons of greatest growth. The journey of relationship has been a lifetime of growth and new experiences, all of which continue to contribute to the depth of experience and resources that I offer.

Relationship Counselling

I am a trained Imago Relationship Coach and have also qualified as an Imago Workshop Presenter to facilitate the “Getting the Love you Want” workshops. The reason I chose to specialise in Imago Relationship Therapy was because it helps couples to grow through relating more consciously in their dance of connection. Together Joy and I have also trained as Workshop presenters through Imago Relationships International. This offers a unique approach to counselling, understanding development, and using our triggers to bring light and life into our relationships. (https://www.imagoafrica.co.za/). I look forward to helping you in with these skills and tools. 

It really is fascinating how those in relationships often choose partners who lead them into the most challenging areas of worth. Painful  and challenging times, though, can lead to deeply enriching and fulfilling relationships.

I have had many years’ experience in helping both couples and individuals to gain insight into the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. In the hectic pace of today’s world, with many of us now working from home, together with the all-pervasive impact of social media, it’s so easy to miss one another. This may lead to unconscious expectations and misunderstandings surfacing in relationships. With my support we can facilitate conversation and dialogue in order to deal with them constructively. My focus, in working with couples or individuals, is to enable personal discoveries, leading to both enhanced self-awareness and a real sense of agency. One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is witnessing how empowering this can be in managing times and spaces where reactivity can potentially unravel relationships. 

Wedding Planning and Celebration

This area is hugely rewarding in itself – together we can prepare and plan the ceremony that perfectly fits your relationship and expresses your own ethos and commitment to one another. I am licenced to officiate at your wedding and can help you plan the ceremony of your dreams. 

Individual Counselling

This picture of a block of ice with a fire in the background reminds us that both fire and ice are sometimes found together in nature. 

So too in ourselves, contrasting feelings can be and are expressed. In the safe place that I create, you will be able to give expression to whatever you feel or experience and together we can find constructive ways forward. Whatever you are processing, I can be the fire that warms the ice or the breeze that cools the flames. In individual counselling we become a team working together for you to become your healed and most fulfilled self.

Bereavement counselling

 Having personally experienced some deep losses over the years both as a child and an adult, working with grief has become a very very sad, but fruitful, theme in my life and work with people. In my experience of the grief of these losses, I was grateful for the help and support of other professionals and support groups. Those experiencing grief will know that this is a lonely journey. Life changes in every way. The loss of a loved person leaves an emptiness which can never be filled.

Drawing on personal experiences and professional skill I would be honoured if you allow me to help you navigate your unique journey of loss and grief. This can be complex, and even bring up painful memories. My sessions provide a non-judgemental space for you to walk this path, as well as provide practical support as you take those first steps into continuing life after the death of a loved one.  Ultimately my goal is to help those who are grieving to find a degree of meaning and a glimpse of managing with the future. We recognise that grief has stages, and we can over time find support, meaning and reorientation.   

Personal and Vocational development

For most of us we have a dream for our lives and future yet often don’t know how to get there. In today’s fast paced world it’s very easy to put off making plans to realise that dream. Why not make that time with me to look at your goals with me?

What I offer is a process of personal reflection and conversation. We can thus explore and evaluate your personal goals and objectives. It’s very important to affirm what we have already achieved in our lives, as well as formulating practical steps in realising our full potential. 

Membership of Professional Bodies

Member: Council for Pastoral and Spiritual Counsellors: 2020P00756

Registered Imago Workshop Presenter

Registered Imago Coach

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