Honouring the question

“I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.” (Daily Maverick quoting Richard Feynman.)

Feynman was the engineer / scientist who rocked boats in the investigation into the Challenger Disaster of 1986. He’s a humorous and original thinker, worth reading.

This pandemic really requires that we think about the questions that we need to be exploring – staying very curious, Very caring and very thoughtful about layers of people affected financially, physically and emotionally, and the layers inside ourselves that are affected.

There’s loving connection in so many ways. There’s also isolation and shock and contagious anxiety which evoke deep self-doubt and some leaders also spread a contagious confusion.

One question in my mind is of course about on-line consultation to help with support and just honouring the questions. What happens when you’re in lockdown with someone new, or someone old and at risk? How do we care for those who are away from their homes, and stuck, a parent working away and unable to get home to partner and children, the heart-ache of missing my children and grandchild is deep for me, but must be even worse for those unable to get to family when there’s a birth or an illness, or even a death.

Thank you to all who trust me and use this resource! I am here to give you support, to help you look at the questions that are arising in your life, to make some meaning of what you’re experiencing and maybe even find some answers that bring healing.

Remember the invisible poster in my room? “Here we turn the s*** into compost.” Here, with loving care, you will find an even more beautiful garden growing, going forward into this brave, re-balancing new world.

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