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Loving you and me

We take responsibility for our own needs. We talk about what we need from each other, clearly and directly. We take great and tender care of our own feelings. We treat each other’s feelings with love and respect and confidence. We share responsibility both for respectful space, and fun, warm closeness. We speak our own truths, and only our truth. We have fun together! We enjoy and love each other, with delight and in God.    

Many selves of sexuality

Mark and Stacey, an attractive couple in their early thirties, have only been married two years and they’re already knotted in conflict. In our first session, Mark, an intense, athletically built man, gets to the point, “I hate it that we’re such a stereotype, but it’s the typical scenario of me wanting more sex than she does. We’re down to once every two weeks–if I’m lucky–and it’s driving me crazy. I have a strong sex drive, so if it were up to me, we’d do it every day, the way we used to when we were dating. Now, not only